Day two of the Pirate Parties International Conference

So after a long day of bureaucracy, voting the PPI conference is finally over.

For the formal GA, it seemed that 22 parties were present in the room, or as remote delegates (growing to 23 later – but we’ll come to that). That list included the Pirate Parties of Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Khazakstan, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and United Kingdom. So whilst its a diverse group PPI continues to be overrepresented from the Parties in and around Europe.

The morning was occupied by discussions and votes intended to establish if the current General Assembly was legitimate and decide whether it was announced within the correct time frame. Ultimately those present accepted Gregory Engles’ explanations and his apology, not everyone was happy with the result, but it it allowed the conference to move on.

A bright point was two new parties, Norway and Costa Rica applying to become Ordinary Members, with an additional party applying for membership after the deadline. The room voted to admit the Pirate Party of Norway into PPI and deferred the applications of the Second Pirate Party of Greece and the Pirate Party of Costa Rica to the next Assembly because there was a feeling that the information provided was insufficient. So, halfway through the conference, the PPI family was a little larger than it had been at the beginning.

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Day One of the Pirate Parties International Conference

Its the end of the first day of the Pirate Parties International Conference, so its natural to ask “what has been accomplished? ” At the opening of the first day, Pirates took an ‘open space’ approach to let them get some work done, they put together an agenda for the day’s groups and split out into groups based on what they were interested in and got on with it. The groups covered everything from methods in dealing with pro-Copyright Lobbying and the future of PPI through to crypto-parties and the future of Europe wide Pirate policy making.

Sadly for those watching the live stream the action was sparse as the conference split off into groups. Twitter updates varied between people asking delegates to wave as they wandered past, to posts criticising the PPI.

At the end of the day, a lot of ideas were communicated back to the whole conference and those watching – I won’t cover all of it here (no doubt we will see something from the PPI or the groups in due course).

The first group that reported back had looked at how to best fight against copyright industry lobbyists. This is about as core as it gets in terms of Pirate issues!

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12-13 апреля в Париже пройдет Генеральная Ассамблея Пиратского Интернационала (PPI GA)

Streaming live from PPI’s GA in Paris thanks to StreamServices
Agenda: Saturday= barcamp, Sunday = GA

Twitter hashtag: #ppint

PPI GA 2014 Paris

PPI Conference 2014/Board candidatures. Gregory Engels

Chairperson  - Gregory Engels



Pirate Qualifications:

  • Member of the City Council of Offenbach am Main and leader of the first parliamentary Pirate Group ever
  • Direct candidate for Offenbach for the upcoming Regional elections in September 2013
  • Substitute Judge at the federal Court of Arbitration Pirate Party Luxembourg
  • Judge in the Court of Arbitration in the Pirate Party of Hesse 2011-2012
  • Main organizer of the PP-DE GA in Offenbach (1500 attendees)
  • Co-Chairman Pirate Parties International April 2010 till March 2011 and from April 2012 on.
  • International Coordinator for Pirate Party of Germany since 2009
  • PPI Statutes Task-Force leader 2009-2010
  • Campaign manager foreigners elections City of Offenbach 2010 – achieved 4.2% for the Pirate Party, resulting in a win of one seat.

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PPI Open Space Conference and General Assembly 2014

Pirate Parties International
Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 9:00 AM – Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM (CEST)
Nanterre, France


Invitation PPI Conference Paris 12th/13th of April

Dear Pirates,

we would like to invite you to the 2014 Pirate Parties International Conference which will be held on April 12th and 13st in Paris, France. During this conference, the General Assembly – PPI’s highest body – will decide upon
the admittance of new members to the PPI,
elect a new board and
discuss and vote on amendments to the PPI statutes.
The preliminary timetable can be found at the end of this message.

Open Space: Emerging Issues for the Global Society
The world is on fire, democracy under pressure more than ever and all the trends, that the Pirateparties warned about are getting worse by the minute. We want to and have to raise our voices on these gloabl issues in a constructive way.

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Авторское право – модели ответов. Amelia Andersdotter


Почему эта опрос имеет значение

Европейское законодательство, касающееся авторского права похоже на одеяло созданное из множества лоскутков. Правила, которые его регулируют появились во времена, когда многие из проблем связанных со свободным потоком информации и доступом к знаниям через Интернет не могли быть предвидены. Множество национальных различий делают Европейское авторское право мало-прозрачным и препятствуют интернациональному культурному обмену, соответствующему духу Европейского сообщества. Наконец, Европейская комиссия проявляет некоторую инициативу для решения этой проблемы. Комиссия утверждает, что в 2014 году будет решаться вопрос о возможном предложении новых законов по авторскому праву.

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Готтфрид Свартхольм, известный в Сети как anakata, один из основателей Пиратской Бухты, второй год сидит в тюрьме. В 2009 году он был осужден шведским судом во время процесса над Пиратской Бухтой, бежал из Швеции, жил в Камбодже и в 2012 году был выдан из Камбоджи, несмотря на то, что между этими странами соглашения о выдаче нет. В Швеции обвинения против него стали множиться: хакерский взлом, похищение данных итд итп. Он был приговорен к двум годам тюрьмы. В ноябре прошлого года был выдан Дании, где ему грозит пять лет тюрьмы по тем же обвинениям.

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